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“In order to get any truth about myself, I must have contact with another person.  The other is indispensable to my own existence, as well as to my knowledge about myself”.

Jean-Paul Sartre



 “My choice, Happy Days at Dallas’ Kitchen Dog Theater, was an acting tour de force to rival anything I’ve seen in the past year, New York theatre-going included”.

Sarah Hart

American Theater

January 2003



 “The humor in Happy Days can be bleak and cynical, but as performed by Kitchen Dog’s Shelley Tharp-Payton (under Bobbi Masters’ direction), the words also take on a new glaze of optimism”.

Elaine Liner

Dallas Observer

 Sept 26, 2002



“Happy Days’ a fun, moving treat”

Mark Lowry

Star Telegram,

Sept 17, 2002



“Kitchen Dog  makes Beckett’s bleak ‘Happy Days’ worthwhile”.

Tom Sime

Dallas Morning News

September 17, 2002



 “…Tharp-Payton found humor and resonance in a play famous for its obscure, repetitive dialogue”.

Elaine Liner

Dallas Observer

 January 2, 2003




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